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Crop Optimization

Crop loss managment through vision

Installing a Crop Optimization System would consistently reduce/manage the Crop Loss. Crop Loss is a necessary loss, which cannot be eliminated, hence holding this loss to a minimum level becomes the primary objective for the process efficiency. The vision system would lead to a significant increase in Yield through the crop optimization algorithm.

The Vision System can be used to create accurate 2-D images of the bar/strip and calculate the most convenient crop option. The system can be used at the exit of the caster, or anywhere on a hot mill, cold mill, or process line. At the exit of a Rougher, the Vision System can capture Head and Tail Images to be used for Crop Optimization and/or Shear Control

  • Calculate operational parameters to obtain the best crop option
  • Raise an alarm in case of excessive conditions
  • Generate 2D views of the bar/slab/strip

Feedback from the Shear Control System can be used by the Vision System to compare the ideal, optimum cut point with the actual cut point as reported by the Shear.
These values can be used to calculate the ideal weight of the Cropped Head or Tail and the actual weight.
All of the calculations can be organized and displayed on Crop Loss Report.

  • Technology:Artificial Vision
  • Measurement:Hot and cold slab / plate / strip
  • Architecture:PLC based + PC as HMI
  • Software:Dynamic sub-pixel interpolation

We are specialists in process optimization. As manufacturer of industrial measurement and control systems for steel mill applications throughout the world we've collected a large number of experiences in the hot metals making activities. We have been successful providing solutions to rolling mill customers for 20+ years. In our group, many of our staff members have 30 - 40 years of experience in this industry.

The sole purpose and objective of installing a Crop Optimization is to reduce/manage the Crop Loss. Crop Loss is a necessary loss in any Hot Strip Mill which cannot be eliminated, hence holding this loss to a minimum level becomes the primary objective.

Crop optimization system is based on the Stereoscopic Width Gauge is a precision measurement device used to determine the width of sheet or strip products during rolling. This unit is a vision-based, noncontact measurement system, capable of providing real-time width measurements with typical accuracy of within +/- 0.5 mm of the true width. The Width Gauge determines width by imaging the edges of the strip within the focal depth of the system. The stereoscopic design feature allows for accurate width measurement even if the strip is moving up or down within the measurement area.