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About Crop optimization

Our system is a modern PLC-based Shear Control System (SCS) that can replace many obsolete systems. In most cases, all of the existing digital and analog I/O can be reused. When combined with Vision System and Crop Optimization Software, a significant increase in Yield can be achieved in a very short time.

  • generate views of physical and thermal gradients

  • calculate operational parameters such as deviation from center, overall width, camber, hook, etc.

  • alarm in case of excessive conditions, such as excessive hook

Feedback from the Shear Control System can be used by the Vision System to compare the ideal, optimum cut point with the actual cut point as reported by the Shear. These values can be used to calculate the ideal weight of the Cropped Head or Tail and the actual weight. All of the calculations can be organized and displayed on Crop Loss Report.

  • Model's name

    Crop Optimization

  • Measurement type

    Crop optimization for shear control

  • Features

    Calculate the perfect shear position

    Alarms in case of excessive conditions


    Shear control drive


The Vision System can be further enhanced to generate a complete 2-D image of the top or bottom of the bar/strip. The pixel intensity can be correlated to a pyrometer input to result in a complete thermal map of the bar/strip. A high-resolution image can be saved to the database for further analysis.

The efficient solution for the thermal and defect analysis
  • Bar anomalies can be data can be viewed in detail to make adjustments to the mill for improving overall quality