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Software for Steel

The hot area represents the starting point of a quality product. Hot steel manufacturing has always been seen as a challenging environment for measuring systems that need to be precise but also extremely robust. Our process control systems through continuous thickness monitoring guarantee an excellent finished product together with very high efficiency and very low maintenance. For over twenty years we have been checking and conforming the product's thickness coming out of hot rolling mills, plate mills and casting lines.

The measurement of the thickness in cold lamination processes is an important point in the characteristics that the product will have for subsequent processing. Over the years we have developed a lot of experience in the multiple scenarios of cold working on steel and metals in general which have allowed us to develop highly efficient integrated systems that facilitate operational and maintenance procedures.

Our systems for monitoring the thickness on the finishing lines guarantee excellent performance combined with extreme ease of installation, use and maintenance. Over the years we have dealt with numerous and diversified scenarios that have allowed us to develop the current systems ready to be an unparalleled work tool for your modern processing needs.