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In house software
Our design philosophy is to produce easy-to-learn and simple-to-use software products, which are flexible in application and programming, and provide good value. The entire suite of software products is developed with efficient coding and numerous product features by in-house developers and programmers, inspired by customer and dealer.

nGauge Online Demo

Web based real time control software

Accurate, fast and reliable data output as input reference for operators and the automation of the process. A brand new OS -independent web based software, inheriting all the features of its predecessor, capable of response time of microseconds. Latest tools and SDK made the nGauge the most modern thickness measurement system in the industry. Simply connect a PC (running Windows, Linux, Android or IOs) and you'll get up to 30 local HMIs, on the spot. Combining long term experience in online measuring with the latest available technologies, the nGauge will drastically improve your production quality. read more