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About the nGauge

The NGauge is the latest system in the PAC based family. PAC. A Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) is a 2 or more processor based device like a personal computer (PC) is and is basically a PC merged with a PLC using multitasking capabilities to automate control of one or more pieces of equipment. Web based, easy to use and maintain, represents the most advanced and accurate system available on market. It was born from an industry request to create an affordable, cost effective, high speed and reliable non contact gauge system, based on off-the-shelf industrial PC technology. From the first installation the NGauge has exceeded Customer's expectation.

The system maximize the use of top quality and highly available components including a versatile and flexible modular IO management system and a robust all in one computer (Real Time Unix based kernel) and IO rack. The software was specifically designed by LGE engineers to take advantage of high speed processor available in today's industry. The resultant is a modern and reliable modular system, extremely fast, well beyond the requirements of the most closed-loop mill control systems. This gauge is suitable for measuring the thickness of metals (ferrous and non ferrous), as well as plastics and ceramics. Easy to use, easy to maintain was the formula at the base of nGauge design. Ideal as input for AGC systems.

  • Model's name


  • Measurement type

    No contact thickness

  • Features

    Ideal for AGC control

    Suitable for hot and cold metals

    Industrial PAC based design

    Time critical core

    Configurable I/O

    Web based, OS independent software

  • Measurement Position

    Longitudinal and profile scanning


This gauge is suitable for measuring the thickness of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), plastics, ceramics, and many other types of materials.

Web based, hard real time, OS independent. This is the nGauge.
  • Response time: better than 1mS per Test Point A (IEC 1336,
  • Statistical Noise @10mS the 2s variation = +/- 0.12%
  • Accuracy 2s =+/- 0.05%, not better than +/- 0.2 micron
  • Linearity +/- 0.05% from the set thickness, non better than +/- 1 micron
  • Drift Short term (~1 hour) better than +/- 0.05% from the set thickness, non better than +/-1 micron
  • Drift Long term (~8 hour) better than +/- 0.1% from the set thickness, non better than +/- 2 micron
  • Repeatability +/- 0.05% from the set thickness, non better than +/- 1 micron
  • Reproducibility +/- 0.08% from the set thickness, not better than+/- 3 micron
nGauge, handheld and portable viewers for iOS and Android

Standalone, portable and mobile. Bring the nGauge power wherever is needed, wireless.