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We are very proud to be a technical Company. We are not only consultants, we use advanced technology and transforms it into enriching end user experiences. We specialize in demanding hardware and software for industrial applications, working worldwide to guarantee an high quality standard with at the back a considerable and solid process operations knowledge. Born as technical partner of the main world-wide industrial Companies mostly in the metals making activities (steel and aluminum), nowadays, we offer high quality services and alternatives for parts no more available on market.
LGE started its first step introduced into the market as technical support for a leading Italian industrial Company specialized in industrial services. It was the ambition of its founders till date to make it a flexible and effective small group of high skilled technical experts, with diversified interests able to provide the best possible products and a reliable services quality, specializing in research alternatives for out of date or no more available spare parts of pre-existing installed equipment of different manufacturers.

Everything started in the 50's, when the X-Ray measuring principle was extended to measure thickness, density and continuity on several kind of materials by the Sheffield Corporation,as first in the Industry. Our ancestors, the Measuray gauges, offering high quality products for steel making factories since 1949; some of them are still in service today. Our know how comes directly from there, since LGE participated to the acquisition of the discontinued Companies back in 1999, becoming a part of the industrial gauging history.

years in industrial applications
  • 60+ years knowledge
  • 1000+ solutions delivered
  • Worldwide global reach

Certifications and authorizations

Ministerial authorization pursuant to the article D.lgs. n.230/1995
LGE is authorized Company by the Italian Ministery pursuant to the art.62 d.lgs. n.230/1995 e s.m. and D.M. 4 January 2001 (PROT. N. 32/0010904 11.06)

Prefectural authorization (section 58.1 of Presidential Decree 151/2011)
Practices pursuant to Legislative Decree 230/95 s.m.i. subject to authorization measures (Article 27 of Legislative Decree 230/95 and Article 13 of the Law of 31 December 1962, No. 1860): Subject to category "B" clearance pursuant to art. 29 of Legislative Decree 230/95.

Best in class solutions

We deliver products and services with high quality standards.

Latest Technologies

We use new and innovative technologies in our work.

Quality Control

We always ensure comprehensive quality on products and services.

First class service

We have a global world wide reach through our partners


We are specialists in Automatic Gauge Control on hot and cold metals manufacturing


We provide extremely accurate online and non destructive welding analysis


With our long time partners we have a global reach for service activities, all around the world.

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