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Passion for innovation

We are very proud to be a small and highly specialized technical Company. Our systems are conceived, designed and built in Italy. Today, many Companies tend to want to do everything, offering products and services that they often do not have full knowledge of. That's not our case. We are not only consultants, we use advanced technology and transform it into enriching end-user experiences. We specialize in demanding hardware and software for industrial applications, operating worldwide to guarantee an high quality standard with at our back a considerable and solid process and operating practices knowledge. Born as aside technical partner of the largest world industrial Companies, mostly in the metals making activities (steel and aluminum), nowadays, we offer high quality products and services for the process optimization. Our systems are

LGE started its first steps, introduced into the market as support for a leading Italian industrial reality, former ITA group, focused on industrial services. The group's skills had been honed in previous decades in Italsider's Italian steel plants. It was the ambition of its founders to create a flexible and effective small group of highly skilled technical experts, with diversified interests, able to provide the best solution for specific process issues. such as research alternatives for outdated equipments, of different manufacturers. At the beginning of the 90's, LGE had the opportunity to digitalize a large number of obsolete measurement equipments (manufactured in the 60's and the 70's), in order to replace the analogic part with a modern computer. LGE became soon a technical partner of one of the leading groups in no contact industrial measurements, active since 1949, providing the digital part of the system including the early softwares, running on DOS and the new born Windows. The history of the no contact gauging has very deep roots in the past. Everything started in the 50's, when the no contact measuring principle was extended to measure thickness, density and continuity on several kind of materials by Sheffield , as first in the Industry. Our ancestors, were offering high quality products for steel making factories since 1949: some of them are still in service today.

Our know how comes directly from there, becoming itself a part of the industrial gauging history. The idea was to unify technologies under a single brand name: acquired the discontinued and well known Companies, merging and selecting philosophies, technologies and know-how, to achieve the present excellence. That is why, we use to say, our contemporary systems are standing on the shoulders of giants. Our systems are made in Italy. We are proud to carry on this tradition till today, and to provide service and upgrades of discontinued equipments.

  • Process Control
  • Process Optimization
  • Radiometric services
  • Non destructive tests
  • On line measurement systems
  • Big data managment



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